Dream Careers & Rewriting History

A few weeks ago in class, I asked the women to remember when each of them was  a child what they wanted to be when they grew up. They then wrote on a card their dream career. They took turns acting out this career, without their classmates knowing what it was. Their classmates observed and then called out the qualities they saw expressed as each woman acted out her childhood “dream life”. These qualities were then listed on the card. I then told the actresses that these are the qualities that attracted them to this job, and that they still possess these qualities, they are very much alive in them even now. The evidence of that is written on the card they took home with them that day.

Another day I had a woman do an exercise called “imaginary monologue”. In this exercise I offer the actress a chance to go back to a moment and rewrite history – say what she should have said at the time. This actress remembered a day when she first found herself homeless and someone came up to her and said, “Why aren’t you looking for a job? What’s wrong with you?” She was silent at the time but in class, she was able to have her say. The result was stunning for the observers and empowering and freeing for her.

I could fill many pages with examples like the ones I talk about here. The main thing I can say about the classes of Girl Talk Theatre is that the women involved are unique, strong, sassy, feisty, lovely, elegant, and they surprise me and teach me things everyday.

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